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Моля, попълнете теста за входящо ниво по езика според общата европейска рамка на езиците.
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1. Попълнете празните места с Определителен или Неопределителен член, ако е необходимо:

(1) CD with white cover is collection of dance hits.
(2) dog is man’s best friend.
(3) woman with her back to me is one of my sisters.
(4) I like swimming in sea on sunny afternoon.
(5) I had dinner with him in new restaurant around corner.

2. Попълнете празните места с подходящите предлози, ако е необходимо:

(1) I prefer travelling plane.
(2) I’d rather go foot.
(3) We will arrive Wednesday.
(4) Wait for me! I will be ready a minute.
(5) The last train leaves the station half past one.
(6) I am interested modern arts.
(7) He plays the piano.
(8) They are going to Paris May.
(9) 5 o’clock I had finished my work.
(10) I want to get rid this old sofa.
(11) I am going home tomorrow.
(12) She is going Oxford next week.
(13) I’ll meet you the airport.
(14) She is busy. She is cooking the moment.
(15) We rely our friends.
(16) She has lived in Sofia 1999.
(17) They have been sleeping half an hour.
(18) We have been here an hour and a half.
(19) I don’t agree the idea.
(20) This word consists ten letters.

3. Отворете скобите като поставите глаголите в правилната форма:

(1) Let her (wait) a minute.
(2) He spoke without (think).
(3) If I had his address, I (send) him an invitation.
(4) I want to know where the money (be).
(5) Police is looking for the (miss) child.
(6) She ought (know) the truth.
(7) They found the (steal) jewellery in his flat.
(8) I should tell him if I (be) you.
(9) Had I known the truth then, I (tell) you.
(10) I look forward to (hear) from you.
(11) He was heard (play) the piano.
(12) She saw him (take) the money.
(13) I wish he (be) with me now.
(14) They saw a (cry) child in the street.
(15) I dare (not tell) her the truth.

4. Превърнете в подходящото време:

(1) I (see) him yesterday.
(2) We (meet) tomorrow.
(3) He (not like) sweets.
(4) We (come) a few minutes ago.
(5) He (listen) to the news while his wife (write) letters.
(6) When I (call) her yesterday, she (cry).
(7) I can’t go out because it (rain) and I (not have) an umbrella.
(8) I never (be) in the USA.
(9) They already (finish) when I telephoned them.
(10) I (wait) for you at the airport at 3 p.m. tomorrow.
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