About us

MODULOR – Education & Consultancy is the first and only company accredited by EAPLA (The European Association of Professional Language Auditors) to perform language audits throughout Europe.

We offer language trainings, language audit and consultancy in Bulgarian, English, German and French.



More than 10 years we have been proving that:

  • everyone can learn a foreign language;
  • there are no people who are unable to learn a language; the lack of success is due only to incompetent teachers or wrong approach;
  • the language audit is the most efficient tool that saves time and money, because often people need something  differenet that just a standard language course;
  • each person or company is different, and that is why they need different trainings, knowledge or skills;
  • if you know what you are looking for, you cannot be pleased with standard decisions; you want to receive exactly what you need.



The trainings we offer are in absolute conformity with the needs and specific aims of our clients.

The trainings in General English / German / French / Bulgarian are divided in 4 + 1 levels as per the Common European Framework:
•    module 1 - A1 / A2
•    module 2 - B1
•    module 3 - B2
•    module 4 - C1
•    module 5 - C1 / C2

The trainings for specific purposes - English / German / French / Bulgarian for Specific Purposes We conduct language trainings in the spheres of:
•    Business
•    E-mail correspondence
•    Medicine
•    Technology and Communications
•    Finance and accounting
•    Hairdressing
•    Politics
•    Tourism, transport and logistics
•    Marketing
•    Sports
•    Music and entertainment
and many others as per the needs and wishes of every particular client.

Our Tailor-made trainings are made according to our clients' requirements. They vary depending on your particular needs and wishes.



We consult and prepare you for:
•    school-leaving and entrance examinations for college or university, and
•    international certificates such as TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, GMAT, GRE, etc.


The teachers and consultants at MODULOR are philologists. In addition, they have passed specialized trainings for language auditors.


Trainings can be conducted in:
•    appropriate clients’ premises
•    the offices of MODULOR – Education & Consultancy Ltd. here


Trainings are conducted at dates and time of the day convenient for you. The only thing you should do to receive an offer or a program is to fill in an incoming test. The incoming test is free of chargee and does not bind you with anything.



Among our clients are:

M-Tel - English language trainings

BTC - English language trainings

VISTEON - Language audit in English and German

BTV (Balkan News Corporation) - English language trainings

RE-WERK Bulgaria - Language Audit, English language trainings, translations

EGIS Bulgaria - translations

Econt - Business correspondence training

FADATA - English language trainings

MUNICIPALITY BANK - Training the trainer

SOFIA FRANCE AUTO - translations

REIFFEISENBANK Bulgaria - English language trainings

COCA-COLA Bulgaria - English language trainings

MERCK Bulgaria - English language trainings, translations

ABBOTT Laboratories S.A. - language audit, English language trainings

MAXXIUM Bulgaria - English language trainings, translations

BULMAR ML - language audit, English language trainings, translation and interpretation

SU "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Department of Information and In-Service Training of Teachers - translation, interpretation

AVO-3 language schools - Trainings for Qualified language auditors

PANORAMA film - translations

PERFECT - translations, language trainings

MURPHY Beauty Saloon - translations, language trainings

Milena Doncheva (artist) - English language trainings, translation and interpretation

Boryana Doncheva (artist) - English language trainings, translation and interpretation

CMC Ltd. (official representatives for Gianfranco Ferre in Bulgaria) - language audit, specialized trainings for business communication and sales, translation and interpretation

and many others.


Our satisfied clients are our living advertisement!


MODULOR is the only company accredited by EAPLA (European Association of Professional Language Auditors).