Translation and Interpretation
We translate all types of texts and business documents - standard and specialized. The price is determined by standard - 1 page = 1800 characters from the finished text.
As we work with one of the best agencies for translation and legalization of documents, we offer our clients preferential prices for translation and legalization from / in over 60 languages, including some of the rarest languages ​​such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese , Farsi, etc.
Language level 
Through precisely prepared tests, we determine at what level you speak English or Bulgarian. The tests include all the necessary communication skills - reading, listening, speaking, writing. If you wish, we issue you a certificate for the level of language proficiency, in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Document writing
If you do not know or are not sure exactly how to write a letter, e-mail or essay in English or Bulgarian, we can help you. Our specialists will advise you on the structure, the required language, style and expression, as well as on the spelling and punctuation of the different types of texts and business documents.
We will write for you what you need:


  • CV / Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Essays
  • Recommendation
Editing documents
We help you write or edit your documents in English / Bulgarian regarding:
  • content
  • structure
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • linguistic and stylistic features
  • requirements of the respective format
  • text formatting
Preparing for an interview
We prepare you for a job interview, training, visa, etc.
We prepare you for an interview in Bulgarian or English for work or study in Bulgaria and abroad.
We explain and train you in terms of your behavior, frequently asked questions and expected answers.
We do interview simulations together so that you can easily and quickly deal with nervousness and stress.
We prepare or correct your CV or resume - CV, RESUME - in accordance with the expectations of the employer and the accepted standards.
We prepare or correct your application documents for work and study - Cover letter, Essay, Cover Letter, Recommendations, etc. - in accordance with the expectations of the employer or the institution, as well as according to the accepted standards.
We prepare and correct for you different types of business documents - letter, fax, application, proposal, etc.
Language passport and portfolio
The consultants from Modulor will help you with filling in your Language Passport and Language Portfolio for work or study in Bulgaria and abroad.
The language passport was developed by the Council of Europe as part of the European Language Portfolio. The portfolio consists of three documents: Language Passport, Language Biography and Language Dossier. The language passport allows for an accurate and detailed presentation of the language skills and competences of every EU citizen, which are necessary when applying for training or work.
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